Thursday, January 29, 2009

Supermodels + Super Unfair= Superficial

Picture someone you know who is pretty...I am the type of person who doesn't have a ton of aquaintances, I am more the type who has a few extremely close friends. Out of everyone I know they are mostly average looking women, not stunning, but not hard to look at at either & they are all fairly intelligent which is most important. The ones I consider "pretty" do not have everything going for them in the looks department. For example she may have a gorgeous mouth & beautiful cheek bones, but she has thinning hair or a flat ass. Another one may have wide, bright eyes & shiny thick hair, but a wonky nose & saddlebags. Someone may have the perfect body, but squinty, dark circled eyes & thin lips.

Now take a supermodel. They seem to have it all, which is obviously why they are considered "super". Since I was a teenager obsessively flipping through fashion magazines, I have been mostly offended by this fact. How can someone be blessed with everything in the looks department while the majority have to make do with a mediocre/average face & body? We have to learn to make the best of our awkward features while the "others" don't have to do a damn thing.
I was looking at photos of Brazilian model Ana Claudia Michels & it was a little painful. She not only has the angelic yet sexy face with plump lips & bedroom eyes, but the long, luxurious locks & slammin' body to go with it all. Yes, this entry is quite superficial, but I am ridiculous & random all at once, so I just go with it.

Anyway, it made me think of how much attention I pay to someone's looks & it was a little terrifying. Someone's face can be a major distraction to me & I am not entirely sure firstly if it's even normal & secondly, if I like that about myself...even though I tend to be a bit ADD, that is just not right.

I worked with a girl once & she was just so attractive in my eyes that I even let her slack off at work a little. Physically, she was as close to the complete package as anyone I have ever known. Not overly bright, but super sweet. She had the pretty face with the flawless, gorgeous skin, the long healthy hair & a petite but curvy adorable body. I was so impressed with her, I went so far as to sneakily take a photo of her with my cellphone, so I could show her off to my boyfriend at the time. Funnily enough, he was not remotely impressed.

These feelings make me feel a little shallow & it makes me even more neurotic about the way I look which takes away from some aspects of life. I am not saying I won't befriend or I won't accept someone just because they have yellow teeth or a unibrow, but always noticing these things take away from me being more of the person I want to be & that is discouraging.


  1. Most guys I know wouldn't want to be with a "perfect" girl. Well, maybe be with her for a night but not long term. They can be intimidating but usually that fades away when they start to speak!

  2. Thanks for the comment! You definitely have a good point. It's nice to know there are guys out there who aren't only focused on beauty. Lots of women probably waste so much time on trying to be a size 2 & having fuller lips & would be better off focusing on more important things.

  3. You're so candid. Keep posting. Please.